Hello. I'm Amanda, founder and creator of House of Found. I love making things- all kinds of things. I dabble in most creative outlets that I can get my hands on. What I always come back to, though, is flowers. Can you blame me? They are some of earth’s most exquisite gifts.

I have been a florist for 12+ years. And while I have not been professionally active all of those years, it never really leaves you. Flowers are part of our humanity, our culture, and I even think our souls. I currently offer floral design for special occasion events (in other words- weddings) for Spokanites and local PNW friends. I source my blooms and greens locally as often as possibly and like to think outside the box. My style is organic, free-form, and romantic. No roundy-moundy red rose bouquets here.

I am wife to an amazing man, and momma to a sweet little babe named Ryatt. We live in a barn (yes, really).